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Direct Market Access

Company I-nvest provides direct market access for non-residents of Ukraine for trading on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange over the Internet.

Access to trading is carried out by means of trading software QUIK.

For on-line trading on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange are available such tools as:

  • Shares (Order-driven market)
  • Shares (Quote-driven market)
  • Futures
  • Options

Internet trading is available for both institutional and retail investors non-residents of Ukraine.
For more detailed information please contact our specialists

Trading Schedule  (Time (UTC +2) Process)

  • 10-00 Pre-trading period opens.
    You can submit orders and enter quotes, withdraw assets and execute trades with deferred settlement..
  • 10-30 Trading session opens
    Trades can be executed during the auction and by clicking a quote.
  • 17-00 Trading session closes

Custodian Services

Company I-NVEST operates as a custodian under the license serie AB № 493121 for provision of depository activities on the Ukrainian Securities Market.

The Company is a client of All-Ukrainian Securities Depository and the Depository of National Bank, which allows us to provide a full range service of securities, namely shares, corporate, municipal and government bonds, investment certificates, etc. that are registered with these depositories.

Company I-NVEST LLC provides a full range of custodian services on the Ukrainian Securities Market:

  • Opening securities accounts and its maintenance;
  • Accounting, safekeeping and turn over of securities;
  • Transfer of ownership of securities;
  • Blocking/unblocking of securities for performance of trades;
  • Arranging settlement of asset purchases, sales and deliveries, including DVP and DMA trades
  • Provision of statements of account and securities transactions for the account;

Asset management

Asset management – is a service for management of investor’s assets by a professional manager. In this case investor is not passing the capital to the manager but grants the right to the managing company to implement operations with shares on investor’s trading account.
I-NVEST company provides asset management services on the Ukrainian fund market, one of the most dynamic markets in Eastern Europe

Advantages of asset management:

  • Management is executed by professional manager with longstanding experience on the fund market
  • Minimal investor’s time expenses since the strategy is reconciled with investor and the implementation is done by company’s employees
  • Application of company’s expertise and know-hows for investor’s trading account management
  • Weighted risks for trading strategies
  • Achievable yield is higher than for deposit
Strategy type Portfolio structure Risk rate Target yearly yield
Conservative Instruments with fixed yield, mostly bonds – up to 100% of portfolio Low 15-20%
Balanced Bonds and stocks – 50%/50% of portfolio Medium 20-35%
Aggressive Stocks, futures and options – up to 100% of portfolio High Starting from 35%

Trading Platforms Quik

Company I-NVEST provides access to the Stock Market through the most popular in the CIS trading platform – Quik.

Trading Platform Quik is a software product that provides access to information about the course of trading on the Exchange, and provides an opportunity to carry out transactions of buying and selling securities in real time. The trading software QUIK is provided by default, but  there is a possibility to connect your own trading software and trading robots directly to the Exchange’s gateway.

Quik provides an opportunity:

  • to monitor real-time dynamics of the shares, futures, options and to make transactions of purchase and sale
  • to  monitor the status of the client’s portfolio and profit/ losses for each specific instrument
  • to export data to MS Excel, arbitrary database (using ODBC) and the system of technical analysis Equis Metastock, Wealth-Lab Developer, AmiBroker and Omega TradeStation / ProSuite 2000
  • Using built-in language QPILE to write trading robots that will automatically execute transactions of purchase and sale of shares by the given parameters.
  • to configure the interface to suit your own preferences.

User Manual        Screenshot #1       Screenshot #2

If you want to get acquainted with the functionality of the software Quik please send us the request

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